Convergence Festival


An embarrassment of riches' 'An actual cathedral of sound’
'The talent amassed here is so witty and brutal' - The Guardian

‘Convergence has altered the trajectory of electronic music and what role technology will play in the future’ - Crack Magazine


Convergence has entertained & educated over 100,000 attendees across London since its inception in 2014. The 6-day festival, held annually in March, facilitates an active dialogue around performance and technology, and provides a platform for unusual projects, one-off special events and collaborations featuring emerging artists and established pioneers. 

Convergence Sessions creates a festival hub where a diverse range of artistic practitioners share their insights, ideas and techniques in a creative, interdisciplinary atmosphere, through a series of talks, workshops and demonstrations.

Since 2016, Convergence has developed bespoke touring productions and one-off events to engage audiences all year round.

All images © Manuel Vason 2019
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