Opera for the Unknown Woman Salons: A Series of Conversations


Photography by Manuel Vason

Graphic design by Emma Cooke


Written, directed and co-composed by award winning sound artist, Melanie Wilson, with critically acclaimed Polish composer Katarina Glowicka; Opera for the Unknown Woman is a bold re-imagining of the operatic form, weaving together theatre, contemporary classical music, electronics and film. The talented ensemble includes Patricia Rozario OBE and Adey Grummet (Jerry Springer the Opera, Mr Burns).

In the lead up to Opera for the Unknown Woman, Melanie Wilson and Fuel will host Salon’s in Cardiff, Coventry, Huddersfield and London.

The Salon, made popular in 17th and 18th century Europe, were informal spaces for social, literary and political discussion, often populated by women open to an exchange of ideas.

We invite women and men to join a Salon to gain insight into this special creative process, contribute to the conversation that will influence the production and meet new people over a drink. 

Each Salon will consider a different theme from climate change, contemporary opera and digital art to the fight for gender equality. We will hear from members of the creative team, scientists, academics, and you, as we explore how this science fiction, multi-media opera will create a call to action.


A Fuel Theatre production

All images © Manuel Vason 2019
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