Peggy Shaw and Clod Ensemble – MUST (2009)



Must is a poetic look at what it feels like to have a body. It excavates the memories and images contained in the joints and layers of bone.

Peggy Shaw is a self-made independent performer, writer, teacher, producer from New York. She co-founded with Lois Weaver The WOW Cafe Theatre in New York, and the World-renowned Touring Theatre Company Split Britches, both of which have been in operation for 26 years. She is also a solo performer and tours her trio on masculinity You’re Just like My Father,Menopausal Gentleman, and To My Chagrin.

She is the recipient of three Village Voice Obie Awards and has also been awarded the Stonewall Award for ‘making the world a better place’. Peggy has collaborated with Clod Ensemble before onIt’s A Small Houseand Miss Risque.

“ Exquisite… This is open-heart surgery of the artistic kind, performed without anaesthetic.” The Guardian


Peggy Shaw

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