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Becoming an Image [2009-2016]

Becoming an Image is the title of a series of workshops and exhibitions, which signal Vason interest in developing his collaborative methodology with a group of participant artists/collaborators.

Influenced by Brian Massumi definition ‘an emotion is a subjective content, the socio-linguistic fixing of the quality of an experience which is from the point onward defined as personal’ (Massumi, 2015:88), during Becoming an Image workshop, the group translated emotions into photographic narratives of action-reaction and utilised the gathering as a structure in which to provoke affection and imagination among its participants.

In a 2013 interview with Professor Joanna Zylinska, published on Photomediations Machine Vason described his motivations behind the Becoming an Image project as:

‘I hope these images function as agent. I hope they trigger the imagination of the viewer, I hope they provoke sensations, I hope they trigger future actions. The bodies in these images are equal to the body of the viewer. I believe we can all identify with these images and look at them with an active spirit of participation’.

The first Becoming an Image workshop was held in Thessaloniki and the outcome was exhibited as part of the 3rd edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki in 2009.

In that occasion the participant artists were: Alexia Falla, Andreas Pashias, Antonis Dalkiranidis, Christina Georgiou, Lela Ramoglou, Maria Kremeti, Olga Brouma, Thalia Zachariadou.

In 2010 a version of the Becoming an Image workshop was held and exhibited in Lancaster at the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Art.

In the same year, 2010 the Becoming an Image workshop was held and exhibited in Rome (Italy) as part of the Rifrazioni Festival and in Lancaster (UK) at LICA as part of DIY7 project.    

A similar workshop was held at the Casa do Sol – Instituto Hilda Hilst in Campinas (Brazil) and the resultant outcome was exhibited at the Galeria Centrale in Sao Paulo in 2014. On the same year a similar workshop was held in Chicago during the Rapid Pulse Festival and the resultant performance was presented at the DfbrL8r Gallery.

Becoming an Image workshop returned to Thessaloniki in 2015, this time hosted by the Museum of Photography.

In 2016 the Becoming an Image workshop was held in Hangzhou hosted by the China Academy of Art and a selection of the images created where included on a publication printed on a limited edition of ten copies.


All the copies are available for consultation at the library of the Academy.

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