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Canary Island art residency

Between December and January 2020 Rubiane, Tian and myself have spent incredible time in the fabulous Island of Canary. The art residency was initially organised by Osa Polar Espacio Creativo with the support of Atlas association in Las Palmas. We ended up in an incredible spot called Tasartico in the middle of National park in Canary Island.

During the residency I discover a new concept that right now is still making pulsating which I called ‘Intersubjective Photography’.

How can I share my photography decisions with the elements around me?

Photography is such an individualistic practice, pictured in most scenarios as the man and the camera, exploring, searching, discovering.

What about if the camera itself function as an antenna focused to capture multiple signals and transform them into photographic actions?

What about if I was taking a picture responding to the instructions given by a rock or a plant or a bird?

The contact with such a powerful nature in an incredible beautiful island has allowed me to raise new question and to address a direction of experimentation.

Can photography, practiced in a more experimented way can really allow me to expand my vision? To see deeper and more intensely?

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